When you asked about Parents trying to make a difference, I thought of how I have been trying to change the Paradigm of single Moms. As I became an unsuspecting single Mom, I decided I would still stay home with my child and help other Single Moms through what I call The AmmaVeda Paradigm. It’s basically Talk Therapy from one single Mom to another. But I offer advice on nutrition and exercise, energy work and breath work. I want to show Mothers that we are not just another statistic. We are raising the future. We are changing the Paradigm. No more daycare, there are plenty of us where we can support each other, we just need to communicate and embrace our community! I’ve created a safe space for Moms to vent and release that emotional baggage without it going on their permanent medical record. The-ammaveda-paradigm.square.site

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Congratulations on starting this! More power to you :)

I do think being a single mom is incredibly hard and I am thrilled to hear that you are building this community.

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