I am Rashi. This is my personal newsletter called Decks and Diapers.

This newsletter aims to do 2 things: 

  1. Break stereotypes around working parents 
    Most blogs I read either focused only on interesting conversations around work, the business world, careers etc or only around parenting. I don't think it is either or but an AND -  I am trying to do that through my writing

  2. Amplify the voice of other working moms and dual career working parents 
    Because each one of them is a hero

I am not sure how frequently new posts will drop but I will try and maintain a bi-weekly cadence

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I am an ambitious professional who also happens to be a parent. Join me as I decode and navigate the world of careers and caregiving, simultaneously. We will talk about work, life and the intersection of the two!


Hi I’m mgt consultant & a mom. I’m interested in gender equity & the impact of technology, design & psychology in our life. Views expressed are my own.