Short answer is yes.

December 2022

What I’m Thankful For
My conversation with Paul Sullivan - Founder of The Company of Dads, Ex NYT & FT columnist, author of 2 books and Lead Dad to 3 daughters!

October 2022

My conversation with Nikhil Mittal - Head Of Business Management and Business Development, Letsbloom, board games lover and dad to 10 month old Amaira!

August 2022

My conversation with Leena Yousefi - Lawyer, Mediator & CEO @ YLaw, Top 50 Change Makers in Canada 2022 and a Mom!

July 2022

My conversation with Dr Taylor Nichols - Emergency Medicine physician, Health policy enthusiast and a very proud girl dad!

May 2022

My conversation with Gia D'souza - ex-healthcare strategy professional, entrepreneur and mom to 4 kids under 10!
My conversation with Ranjit Kuppili - Former management consultant turned GTM leader, Angel investor and dad to 2 young girls!

April 2022

My conversation with Melanie Rodriguez - New Hoot for All Executive Director, avid baker and mom to 7 month old and an almost 4 year old!
My conversation with Bhavika Shah - Product Manager, Range, Taco lover and mom to a 8-month-old

March 2022

My conversation with TJ Muehleman - Founder, Standard Co, Nacho aficionado, Writer and Dad to two girls under 6!
My conversation with Nisha Haran - Vice President, Private Credit, Adams Street Partners, Global citizen and mom to a 2 year old daughter !